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living willow structures

Would you like to add interest to your garden? Do you need a shady area? Is there something you would like to screen?

Live willow is versatile and grows quickly and easily in many situations. It provides a cheap way to create a landscape feature or some screening or fencing.

We have supplied 1,000s of customers over the past decade and are experienced in the varieties that grow easily as willow structures and for erosion control.

We sell living willow rods (sometimes called willow withies, whips, willow stems or willow canes), willow cuttings and willow sculpture kits:

Freshly cut willow for your own projects

man and boy holding willow bundlesWillow trees have been grown for generations for basket making, fencing, cricket bats, as a cure for headaches and even to catch fish!

More recently people have used living willow to construct arbours, domes and tunnels in public spaces and in the garden.

The ability to bend and twist willow when freshly cut means the possibilities for designs of willow sculpture are endless.

newly planted willow cuttingJPR Environmental offer the supply of freshly cut willow for your own projects, whether it be creating a living willow sculpture using one of our willow sculpture kits, tree planting, undertaking a school project, growing willows from willow cuttings or using willows for controlling erosion along watercourses.

newly planted willow cuttingSchools and children's nurseries do not have to pay up front for their willow orders - just contact us with your enquiry and we can invoice if you make an order.

If you have any questions regarding the use of living willow try our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

Please download willow leaflet for more information.

Visit our landscaping website for more information about our protected species, wetland landscaping and erosion control work.

JPR Environmental has recently achieved full UKAS accreditation for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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