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living willow structures

Frequently asked questions about willow

You might find that the question you have about willow is answered below. If not, do contact us.

Planting Willow:

Q. Can I plant willow in the shade?

A. No, willow needs plenty of sun if it is to thrive.

Q. Can I plant live willow at anytime of the year?

A. No, it is best to plant in the winter when the willow is dormant: between December and the end of March.

Q. How long after receiving my live willow should I plant it?

A. It is best to plant within a week but if this is not possible, keep in a cool, dark place with the cut ends in water (an unheated shed is ideal) for up to 4 weeks.

Q. Is the willow guaranteed to take?

A. No, willow is tolerant of different soil types and generally grows easily from cuttings but, like any live plants, it is not guaranteed to grow and any number of factors can affect its success.

Q. Do I have to do much ground preparation?

A. If the soil is quite friable, just take off the top layer (particularly if it is grass) where you are going to plant the rods. If the soil is particularly heavy or stony, dig a trench at least 30cm wide and 30cm deep, and mix compost with the soil – this loosens the soil and allows the willow to push in its roots. A sheet of planting tips comes with all our live willow sales.

Living willow sculpture kits:

Q. Is it safe to plant the living willow kits next to buildings and drains?

A. We use shrub varieties of willow in our kits so they will not put down big tap roots but you should plant at least 3m away from a building (so that it does not shade the willow) and not directly on top of a drain.

Q. What is included in the kits?

A. The kits include everything you will need to plant the structure: all the willow required plus ties, mulch (weed-suppressant) matting and instructions.

Q. Do we need to be expert gardeners to plant the structures?

A. No, they are very simple – no previous experience required. More information can be found on our Planting Advice for Willow Sculptures.

Q. Can I create a living fence with willow?

A. Yes, the double weave frence kits provide a criss-cross fence which bushes out in the spring and summer.

Q. How high will the fence grow?

A. If left, it will grow to around 3 or 4m in height but can be kept cut down to a lower height of 2m or even 1m if required. The more it is cut, the bushier it will become.

Willow cuttings:

Q. What is the best length of cutting to plant?

A. We sell cuttings that are either 25/30cm or 1m in length. Either will take well but it you have a rabbit grazing problem, plant 1m cuttings and use tree guards to protect them for the first 2 years.

If you have any questions regarding the use of willow please contact us.

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