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Erosion Control Using Willow

You can use willow and other soft landscaping techniques to stablise your waterside bank.

JPR Environmental employs a number of soft engineering techniques which include the use of willow spiling, willow cuttings, wetland plants, coir rolls and stone.

willow spiling domestic house
Willow spiling can be used to prevent water eroding river banks

We are a landscaping company with many years' experience in natural erosion solutions. We have undertaken a wide range of erosion control projects for both public and private clients. We provide a full installation service to solve your erosion control problems on river banks, lake edges, stream banks and footpaths.

We can also provide a supply-only service for willow spiling materials and/or willow cuttings, at a competitive price if you would prefer to install willow spiling yourself.

Contact us for advice and for a quote on supply and installation or just supply.

Visit our landscaping website to find out more.

More information on soft engineering solutions to erosion control:

Recently there has been a revival in using these 'soft' engineering solutions to erosion problems by planning authorities and engineers. They cost a fraction of the price of concrete and metal piling methods. Soft engineering methods are sensitive to the environment as other plant species can grow through, animals can still access earth banks and they are particularly appropriate where access to the site is restricted as they require little or no machinery in their construction.

Sustrans cycle path Maisemore willow spiling Willow spiling installed along Sustran's cycle path at Maisemore, Gloucester

These methods of water erosion control are sustainable through their use of natural materials and the low impact on surrounding wildlife .

If you have identified a water erosion problem or would like some general advice concerning erosion prevention please contact us. We also have spiling material available if you want to install the willow yourself.

If you would like more general information on our landscaping work, please go to our wildlife landscaping website.