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living willow structures

Combined Solutions

sustainable erosion control

Live willow can be combined with other materials such as hazel faggots, coir rolls, rocks and stones to provide the most effective solution to water erosion problems.

The faggots, rolls or stones can be laid on the riverbed - below the minimum water level where willow grows effectively - to protect against scouring.

Live willow, in the form of spiling or cuttings is then used above the minimum water level to reinforce the bankside through the creation of a root mat.

Creating ledges on the bankside at different levels provides platforms on which new aquatic marginals can be planted.

Combined solutions to water erosion problems are adaptable and can be tailored to suit clients' requirements.

Combined solutions often require more mechanical intervention, for example the excavation of existing bank or transport of materials, and are therefore less suitable where access to a site is limited.

If you would like more information about combining hard and soft landscaping to prevent water erosion please contact us.

You will find more information about erosion control on our wildlife landscaping site.

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