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living willow structures

Willow Sculpture Photo Gallery

a collection of images of willow sculptures

If you click on the picture a larger version is displayed to show more detail. We hope they will give you some inspiration when thinking of uses for willow.

If you have an image you would like us to include in the gallery please contact us.

living willow fence

willow snake sculpture

surprised cat willow sculpture

surprised cat willow sculpture

Fence by Alasdair Dawes

Snake by Jeff Allen

A Surprised Cat by Julieann Worrall Hood

Inside the Cat - Julieann Worrall Hood

happy dog willow sculpture

willow sculpture of a man

willow sculpture by Paul Goodrick

sisyphus willow sculpture by Paul Goodrick

A Happy Dog - Julieann Worrall Hood

Waiting for the New Season - Paul Goodrick

Coppice Column (6m high) - Paul Goodrick

Sisyphus (5.3m high) - Paul Goodrick

spiral willow sculpture by Paul Goodrick

living willow village by Julia Starks

living willow wedding circle by Julie Starks

circuits willow sculpture by Cas Holmes

DNA Spiral (4m high) - Paul Goodrick

Living Willow Village by Julie Starks

Living Willow Wedding Circle by Julie Starks

Circuits by Cas Holmes

willow athlete sculpture by Spencer Jenkins

the green man willow sculpture by Julia Mitchell willow playhouse by julia mitchell Willow dome by Lesley Martin

Willow Athlete Spencer Jenkins


The Green Man Julia Mitchell


Willow playhouse Julia Clarke


Willow dome Lesley Martin


willow dome by Kat Hall and Helen Creed willow tunnel by Anne Ratnarajah willow dome willow tunnel and dome by Sharon Potter
Willow dome Katrin Hall & Helen Creed
Willow tunnel Anne Ratnarajah
Willow dome Wildwood Bushcraft
Willow tunnel & dome - Sharon Potter


boy inside a living willow fence
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living willow fence
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willow spiling erosion control installation
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