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living willow structures

Salix daphnoides - Violet Willow

Here are two pictures of Salix daphnoides, Violet Willow.

Salix daphnoides Violet Willow half.jpg (150613 bytes)

Picture of Salix daphnoides in March

Salix daphnoides closeup half.jpg (21324 bytes)

Picture of Salix daphnoides in June

JPR Environmental is happy for you to download and copy these images for your own use should you want. However,  we would ask you to credit us as the source of the image.


Salix daphnoides is a large shrub or small tree which grows to between 6 and 8m, and occasionally to 12m. It has a rounded crown with erect or spreading branches.  The bark is smooth and grey and its twigs, when young, are generally pruinose with a dense glaucous bloom becoming glabrous, lustrous and dark reddish-brown, when older.

The leaves of Violet willow are oblong or narrowly obovate, 7-12 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. At first they are thinly woolly but soon become glabrous, dark green and lustrous above and glaucous below.

Catkins appear before the leaves in February and March and are short, cylindrical and dense about 2-4 cm long and 0.8-1.8 cm wide. Female catkins are shorter and less decorative than the males.


Salix daphnoides, although widely planted, is seldom seen far from houses or gardens, and cannot be considered a native or even a naturalised species, though it has been given a place in the British plant list for a long time.

Closely allied to Salix daphnoides is Salix acutifolia which some consider to be a subspecies. Salix acutifolia is also found in gardens but is not common.

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