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living willow structures

A step by step guide to building willow structures: willow domes
Step1: Mark out a circular trench using a stick and string, dig out the soil to 12 inches and mix with compost.  Leave the doorway uncut.  The diameter of the base should be just over half  the height of your longest set of sticks.
planting a living willow dome
Step 2: The main frame should consist of an even number of your longest poles.  Chose the two sturdiest for your doorway, create a hole for them with a bar in the trench and place them in vertically. Similarly place pairs of poles on the opposite side of the dome.  The larger the dome the more pairs of poles you will require.   This one used 8 poles for a 6ft diameter dome.
planting a living willow dome
Step 3: Tie in opposite pairs of poles in an upside down U shape by tying in the middle and at the ends of the poles.  Tie all of these pairs together in the middle.
planting a living willow dome
Step 4: Put in 2 of your middle sized poles in an even spacing between the largest poles. Have these rise up at a shallow angle so that they do not go over the middle but rather to one side.  Tie the ends on with string.  Starting from one of the doors put in one of your smallest rods at the base of an existing rod, set it of at an angle of 45 degrees and weave it into the structure.  Repeat this at the bas of every pole around to the other side of the door.  Once there start in a similar fashion on the return leg weaving and adjusting as you go. 
planting a living willow dome
Step 5: Step back, admire, and wait to grow!
planting a living willow dome

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