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living willow structures

Double Weave Willow fence -

A step by step guide to planting living willow structures

Step1: Mark out a trench to the required length and a spade's width using string, dig out the soil to 12 inches. Refill the trench with a mix of half compost/half soil. 

planting a living willow fence

Step 2: Insert the 2 longer, thicker poles into the ground to a depth of around 9 inches at either end of the fence length. As an alternative you may wish to plait 3 thinner poles and use this as the end supports. Using a tape measure to determine the spacing, push 2 parallel willow poles into the ground at an angle of approximately 45 degrees and to a depth of around 8 inches. Continue to do this for the length of the fence.

planting a living willow fence

Step 3: Repeat this process in the opposite direction. Weave the poles alternately in front and behind the poles they cross.

planting a living willow fence

Step 4: When the poles reach the end supporting uprights twist them around and repeat the weave in the opposite direction.

planting a living willow fence

Step 5: Once weaving is complete, tie off the top line of crossovers with string.

planting aliving willow fence

Step 6: Your fence is now complete. As with the single weave fence you may wish to support the 2 end poles until root growth is established.

planting a living willow fence

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