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living willow structures

A step by step guide to building willow structures: willow tunnels

Step 1: Mark out 2 trenches, dig to a depth of 30cm and mix with compost. You may wish to make the tunnel curve or taper.

planting a living willow tunnel

Step 2: Insert 2 poles opposite each other along the length of the trenches at a spacing of approximately 25cm. Shorter poles can be used towards the rear of the tunnel to enhance the tapering effect.

planting a livign willow tunnel

Step 3: Bend each pair of poles together to form an arch and tie at the end of each pole.

planting a living willow tunnel

Step 4: To increase the stability of the structure you can secure a pole(s) along the length of the tunnel at the apex of curves.

Step 5: In order to build up the growth on the sides of the tunnel insert two woven poles at an angle of approximately 45 degrees at the base of each upright on each side. These are then woven back along the tunnel to finish near the top of the curve.

palnting a living willow tunnel

planting a living willow tunnel

Step 6: The tunnel is now complete and will form an excellent shaded attraction for kids to play in and around.

boy inside a living willow tunnel

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